Sunday, October 24, 2010

... I am back =)


Wow, this coming 4th of November will be exactly a year eversince I stepped back into my education career as a primary school teacher.

Apologize for the lack of updates. Been reading your side of stories now and then though.. :o)

Life lately has been a bit lonely: My soul sister, my lil sis went to further her study in Hull starting this year (yup, that would be a good reason so I can get back to the UK and meet everyone who's still there, whom I share my sweet, bitter and sour moments with while I was still around, yipeee).

Soulmates, besties been busy with personal life as well.. One will be a wife soon, one is following my step to become a "Wanita Korporat" too.. I will not be blaming any1, afterall, it all comes back to myself. But then alhamdulillah at times, bila ada masa terluang, will find some crazy last minute plans that work out great!! Hehe.. Ohhh it will be so different by next yr ;oS

Oh yeah, this December I'll be going for a vacation with 2 others (zeah n mas) to... KL!! Finally it's time to meet up those who is back for good in M'sia in S'pore I hope ;o).. Can't hardly wait for it ... counting days from now!!

Banyak sebenarnya perkara2 dan cerita2 yang nak dikongsi but then when it comes to blogging, it just sometimes doesn't flow that well... terlalu lama ditinggalkan kot. Been blogging a few times before but it never have an end and at times the contents were just too sad and heartbreaking. Too many things happened in 2010.. My family is now a + 1, sis-in-law added a new nephew in August.. My niece will turn 1 year old this 30th of October!

As for me, I am still the old me, but with continuous school workloads to be taken care and to be done.

Okay then, semoga dengan pembuka majlis perkahwinan oleh salah seorang geng kamceng (my soulmate) kitorang, selepas tu akan diikuti pulak dengan yang lain, Amin3.. Well, it's almost time kan ;o)

Till next time, take care =)