Thursday, June 4, 2009



I've often felt crushed before but I've never guessed that I'll ever feel the same way again. My heart's shattered.. Yup, have you ever felt like hati kamu ditoreh-toreh dan terluka? That's how I actually feel right now.

Ya ALLAH, aku sendiri kecewa dgn diri sendiri coz aku selalunya tidak berjaya untuk menenangkan hati dan tidak berjaya cuba untuk sedaya upaya to be strong to face whatever yg terjadi atau bakal terjadi. Aku memang hambaMu yang amat lemah Ya ALLAH.

Fikiranku sungguh bingung dan blur. I am so lost and I hope I will find myself again SOON, insyaALLAH.

Maafkan aku.. Ampunkan aku..

Today, in fact right now Kam (my housemate) dalam perjalanan menuju ke Cardiff together wif Lutfi n Mahadi. Sorry guys for not sending you off at the train station. I was invited but I think I made the right decision not to. Hope you guys enjoy the food =)

Amalina's has gone to school dari pagi tadi (ohhh panjang umor, baru je ketuk pintu, baru sampai). Been alone dari tadi and it's cold today. Tu la siapa suruh mengada-ngada kepanasan sebelum ani? XD I am trying to cheer myself up..

Anyways, for now I'm holding on to the phrase:
"Setiap yang berlaku itu ada hikmah di sebaliknya"

There's only one person who knew about what happened. You know who you are. I trusted you. I really care for you as you cared about me. Let us be the only ones who knew buat masa ani ok..

I am so not feeling that good.. Having a chest pain.. Ya ALLAH, tabahkanlah hati hambaMu ini..

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  1. Salam Arni.. What's wrong?? hope you're alright over there.. and whenever you need to curhat (curahan hati.. indon style).. just remember, aku ada.. dont keep it to yourself.. bahaya.. but yes It depends on you.. to share or not.. but just to let you know, aku ada~ hehe.

    ohh and THANKS A LOT for the food! hehe.. the strawberry didn't survive well though.. hahaha..