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Currently in Reading...


13th June 2009...

Blog ini ku tulis semasa dalam perjalanan ke reading, uk to meet my cousin, Mizah who shared the loss of our grandfather (refer previous blog) as her mom n mine are siblings and we planned a Tahlil n bacaan yassin ceremony for our beloved late grandpa, insyaAllah. Doakan semuanya terlaksana ya (alhamdulillah , done!)

I thought train crosscountry ada wireless tapi kecewanya… I mean I was planning to go online during the 4++ hrs journey tapi inda apalah. I will just go on shout out my thoughts in Microsoft words and I will post it once I got the next wireless connection.

My trip to Reading was actually a spontaneous act. I have always wanted to travel to reading and visit my cousin but the time inda mengizinkan before and I have never expected that eventually and sadly the loss of our beloved one would be the reason I finally will have the chance to go down to Reading from Durham.

The past two days experiencing heartbreaking moments, I think myself and my housemates could count how often they can see my smiles n laughters. It’s so hard to even smile when deep inside you are hurt.

No matter how hard I tried not to cry but naturally everytime memories about late grandpa would bring tears. There are just so many things around me that reminds me of him. Ya ALLAH, tabahkanlah hatiku ini. Last night I read the poem my cuz wrote for late grandpa in her blog and it touched my heart so much. And again, the tears fell... *sigh*

-- I stopped blogging after a while when I realized that there won't be any connection at all throughout the journey --

14th June 2009...

Continued from Cuz's crib in Reading in the afternoon. Been out and about to the Reading city center. It’s quite big (compared to Durham that is.. hehe). It is also surrounded by river (like Durham) but the fact that there are Primark, Debenhams, H&M, Tie Rack anddd even Krispy Kreme here makes it so much different from Durham haha XD

Ohh before that let me just recap what happened yesterday after my arrival in Reading. Tq to Mizah & Fuad for fetching me at the train station. It’s quite a huge station, tawakkal all the way and Alhamdulillah I found the correct exit and there they were waiting for me just outside the exit machine. Then wif a taxi, went to their home @ Highgrove Street. A sweet cute basement house (will take pictures of it next time before my departure back to Durham insyaAllah). Last night we eventually laksanakan our main plan, a tahlil n yassin for our late nini laki. Alhamdulillah tercapai jua hajat utama datang ke reading.

Most of our conversations for the past nights were memories recalled back about our family, our sweet childhood memories, we were even laughing remembering all those cute moments. Gauk banar cucu2 nini ani hehehe XD

Ok I'll stop here for what happened during the 2 days in reading and will continue blogging insyaAllah when the ideas are ready to be pour out.

-- Off to Reading City Center for a stroll --


p/s Kak Nur n Kam, Miss you both already.. Will be back soon insyaAllah. Take Care.

p/p/s TQ Kak Nur for sending me off at the Hare & Greyhound Bus Stop.. Kam, no worries, don't wanna disturb your sleep so we went out as silently as possible ;o)


Picture of Me & Kak Nur @ Bowburn bus stop: Me alone in the CrossCountry Train as the train approaches Oxford, last stop before Reading:

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