Monday, June 1, 2009



Wah terlalu cepat masa berlalu.. Today, last week I was in the aeroplane menuju ke London. So, tomorrow officially will be a week I've been in Durham, UK.

Somehow I am still readjusting myself here. I still don't have any fixed time going to sleep and waking up. With the weather nowadays, it seems that I'm always on a hungry mode. As someone who doesn't normally took early intake/breakfast, I can't handle my hunger when I woke up around 7/8am here. Or is it just me still having my jetlag? I'm unsure.

Then what worried me was the fact that I'm always experiencing nose bleed. Within this one week, maybe 3/4 times? Kata org, selalunya when this happened, the reason is being 'high temperture' inside the body a.k.a "Panas Dalam".. I simply blamed, not actually blame, I take the cause to be due to the weather. Because I have been experiencing this in Brunei as well. Especially few weeks before my departure to the uk. hopefully it's gonna be less frequent after this. Amin.

Ohh, just wanna share something, I bought a desk fan! (but it has not arrive yet.. hehe). I can't stand the surroundings in the room being so "still" during the nights and during my sleeps. Uhhuh, I've just added more things to be popped into the trunk boxes. Btw, if Nurul & Zeah is reading my blogs: I've securely simpan Nurul's printer into one of my boxes and if there's anything of both of you punya barang yg ada around this house, I'll also do my best to put them in as well okay.

Something to share, for our dinner yesterday, me & Kam masak home-made Pasta.. I know it is nothing new but we made it look different.. I craved letters of our names: AMALINA, ARNI & KAMILAH on top of the mozarella cheese. Below is how it looks after baked. Didn't snap the one b4.. pictures with kam. hehe.. (and the letters look smashed hehe)

So, till then, ni aku kan jalan today after zuhur i'm going cruising around city center to see if there's anything to buy from the closing store of BAY.. hehe.

-Arni in bowburn-


  1. wahh bali desk fan ya!! patut tah you said the postman will come soon! hahhaha.. nasib jua kami ada desk fan jua! but im still eye-ing the aircond! haha.. im basically drooling lah on the aircond! rindu bnr ku kan the sajuk-ness! hahahhaha...

    OHH the pasta! bah aku send arah your email ah.. hee.. aku kan blog about it also~~ huhu..

  2. Adedehh Kam,

    Inda gi batah ni sajuk tia semula ;oP~

    Aku can't for you to come home after ur final paper ni! Can't wait for tomorrow jua =P~

    TQ for the Pasta pics.. Byk udah ordermu ahhh hehehehe XD

  3. HAHA awuehh.. baru taruh gambar, alum lagi rasa the pasta udah tah drg mau order! hahahhaha.. but it's you yang buat most of the cooking..
    yeahh it's gonna be cold balik and nanti complain jua lagi! hahha.. oh well.. aircond will be out of the picture (walaupun dpt bawa balik brunei)!!! HUHUHUHUHU...