Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terlanjur Cinta? Possible? Nothing is Impossible?

Yesterday's sleep was one of the best so far I cud say ;oP It's because I can feel the breeze of wind slipping through the blinds.. yeahhh.. haha.. It's no big deal to you maybe, BUT it does to me =P Erkksss.. what a sentence to start a new post with.. XD

Anyway, semalam (2nd June 2009) rumah #60 ada la buat makan2 mini gathering sikit2 untuk berhibur celebrate Kam's freedom from exams! (We are happy for you dear ^_^). So, there we were: Myself, Kam, Amalina, Lutfi, Rosmin & K.Zila eating dinner plus playing the latest version of Lutfi's board (sebenarnya TERpaksa buat baru coz the old ones are no where to be seen.. hehe). Amalina xleh join sebab ada meeting kat rumah lain. Ohh well, after quite a while not playing it, it was like playing for the very first time!! SADLY I didn't win in either rounds.. haha ohh aku inda pakai baju yg ada bintang kali ahaksss... =P Maybe next time will be much lucky! Even luck doesn't take the side of Rosmin yg baru pernah main the board game. It's hilarious remembering what happened during the game.. Like stepping on the RED box like what? More than 3 times? Kesiannn (Aduhh Kejinya bunyi!) and then a cute scene.. "19,20,21,22.." erkksss..? sampai the next time ada yg volunteer cakap "STOP".. Whoopss sorry Kam ;o) Ohh so much fun! The homesickness is slowly subsiding.. Thanks dear friends! Ohh no worries zeah, nurul, mis and everyone back home, i STILL miss you all so much!!

The fun actually brought me away for a while of something that is bothering me. I am worried but all I cud do for now is pray and hope for the best. Ya ALLAH, aku perlukan kekuatan untuk menempuhi dugaan-dugaanMu.

Having a short break -- Off to Stockton --

Around 12++pm, Kam & myself hop into the X1 bus and after 45mins ride, we arrive in stockton, went around the highstreets of stockton.. and shopping (ahhh siapa shopping ah? hehehe) and we waited for Amalina yg menyusul kemudian. Main objective sebenarnya hanyalah semata-mata untuk membeli Chic Burger & HotSpicy Chic from the halal takeaway fastfood store there.. So, since I need to be back home before masuk waktu Asar, we rushed to the bus stop and we actually missed the bus by 5mins and have to wait another 30mins tapi alhamdulillah sampai jua di rumah b4 Asar and we also sempat makan2 during the waiting ;o)

Soon I'll be off to enjoy the hotspicy wings!
Here are some pictures of us:

Me & Kam @ the Hare & Greyhound Bus Stop waiting for X1

Us vaining around at the shopping area of Stockton

And lastly.. A candid of Kam & Amalina, on our way to the Halal FastFood Store.. (Hmm tgh tengok kedai Clinton ke tu? hehehe)

Wahhh... such a great day, ohh walaupun kami pakai baju ala2 berada di negara masing2 tapi anginnya sajukkk... and I hope it will be that way tonight hehehe...

Seandainya dia memang diciptakan untukku,
insyaALLAH aku dan dia akan akhirnya bersama jua...


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  1. "a cute scene.. "19,20,21,22..""
    HAHAH.. banaar aku nda sadar aku tercount labih ah! hahahahhaha.. malu ku eh! hahhahahaha.. *hides*

    awuu Rosmin 3 or 4 kali i think arah red box! haha.. calii calii..

    oooh stockton pictures! *grabs* thankss! nanti ku bagi yang from my camera ah~ hehehe.. hmm.. sapa kan tu shopping ah? hahaha.. lapas abis exam tah bnr! hahah