Sunday, June 21, 2009

GooDBye Reading... I am Back in Durham


Kehilangan kata-kata untuk dijadikan ayat membuatkan post aku banyak yg menjadi pending dan terpaksa di defer publication nyer.. Post entry ni tertangguh sejak kembalinya aku dari Reading.. on the 19th June 2009..

Mari menyambung karangan ni.. Sejak..

Sejak kepulangan ku ke Durham, everything's back to my "normal" life. I am so glad to be around my housemates & the familiar surroundings BUT I missed Reading city so much, missing the walks to the city and back to my cuz's home. Mizah, I still miss you guys, Wii sessions & Reading city!

Sabtu (20th June 09), we (me n housemates - K.nur & Kam) went to the UIF day in Ustinov, an event they called Creative Diversity Day and we (Me & Kam) came as guests since Brunei inda involved in the event so we supported our neighbouring country, Malaysia instead. Lagipun, we have strong bonds with fellow Malaysians friends & Neighbours :o)

We arrived at Howlands' Building at around 4 pm and browse around the building visiting and took a peek at every stalls and stayed close to the M'sians' stalls most of the time. The music in fact was too loud for me and making it worst, the M'sians' stall were placed next to the sound system.

However, we had fun.. going around, babysitting Iffah (she still remembers us and most of the time that cute little girl will come to us and hold our hands so that we will bring her around). Let me share with you all the picture of me n Iffah:

There were impressive things shown during the cultural day and I even had my name written in chinese:There are so many things to say about the UIF but I'll just skip that.. anyway, some pictures during my departure from Reading (at the train station) and shots in my cuz's house... Here you go....

Me @ their living room =)

The three of us =D

Again us at the train station..

Bye2 Cuz & Fuad.. TQ so much for your kind great hospitality sepanjang almost seminggu in Reading =)

-Till We Meet Again -

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