Thursday, June 18, 2009

Last Few Days in Reading


Alhamdulillah I am back in Durham. Arrived safely on Friday June 19th around 2++pm.

Let me juz blog about what happened during my last few days in Reading... a city I have fallen in love with...

I actually planned to went back to Durham on the afternoon of June 18th however, thinking that I will arrived at 10.30pm and I don't think I could bring myself down to the city and find a taxi b'coz barang2 aku macam bertambah dengan tidak disangka-sangka (haha) and so I went to the train station and asked about my off-peak return (not London route) ticket boleh digunakan at anytime ke or ada specific time. So, lepas tahu je dat I can use it any time, I made up my mind balik the next morning so that I could hop into a taxi just outside the Durham train station yg available mostly di waktu siang.

Therefore, after menjenguk Reading train station, I took the opportunity untuk stroll around the city for the last time. Bought Krispy Kreme doughnuts
untuk makan di Durham.

Ohhh, sebelum terlupa, akhirnya due to extra time aku ambil peluang untuk melawat Forbury garden, a small but nice garden near the city center. Maafkan quality gambar, gambar sendiri la punya quality, hehe XD

On the previous days, 17th, I went around the Uni area and see most of the places. Thanks to Mizah n Fuad for temankan visit the uni sites. As we went further, we arrived at the river.. I dunno the name tapi it's a very lovely scenery tapi inda sampai round coz it starts raining ;oD Below: Pictures of me, mizah n fuad around the university sites:

i. The lake.. do we call it lake or river? hehe

ii. Us berlatar belakangkan Mizah's department: Soil Science

iii. Using timer at the greenery area near Mizah's department.. It's so lovely!

On the 16th, I went for a visit to the Museum & Art Gallery around the city center and near to the twon hall. It's free admission. Thankfully inda ramai orang, so I set the timer and took pictures of me.. haha XD It's so nice.. but a bit creepy la coz pegi sorang2 hehe =P

iv. Museum 3rd floor.. can't remember what it was =P

v. Me on the 2nd floor of the Museum, area pasal Romans and all.. Just stroll around, x baca pun apa yg tertulis haha.

I had so much fun. To Mizah & Fuad if you are reading this post. TQ so much for your hospitality n lovely food. I am missing the routines now. Don't feel bad coz inda dapat temankan kaka around. I enjoy myself so much!!

More stories about my final day in Reading and departure on the next blog.

Till then..

-- OFF To UIF in Ustinov, Durham --

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