Saturday, July 25, 2009

Belated Updates..


Dek kerana terlalu banyak benda yang terjadi di dalam masa yang singkat, ada beberapa perkara yang terlupa seketika untuk di coretkan..

>> Dual Celebration

The same day we (myself, Lutfi & Rosmin) arrived back from London, was the same day Kak Zarina & family invited us all for a birthday celebration of hers and her daughter, Izzah at her place. We arrived in Bowburn at around 6am (or before? hmm can't remember now) and sesampai di rumah #60, did some cleaning around the house, had the best morning shower and went back to sleep, on a much comfy place called bed! XD Planned earlier to join Amalina giving hands for help for K.Zarina's celebration but it happened that once I fell back to sleep, it was a very deep sleep, dreamless & just pure sleep and woke up around 11am. Did some laundry and went to K.Zarina's place and help around until just on time before the party started (well, first 2 guests had arrived by that time) and we (Me & Amalina) need to get back home and make ourselves prettier and ready for the celebration.

By the time we arrived back, invited guests are all there, enjoying the food and we were just on time for cake cutting moment. Being a "shy" person, didn't took that much photos and duduk diam2 jadi budak baik and tolong K.Zarina with the refills. It's been a while that I was involved in a majlis keramaian after the UIF. Complete story about the celebration bolehlah didapati di blog Kak Zarina.

>> Half Blood Prince.. Where is mine?

Another thing I did was watching Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince with K.Zila, Lutfi, Rosmin & Andy (Flatmate Lutfi) di Empire cinema, Gates, Newcastle. I am sorry, I think because this movie of Harry potter skipped a year from being out in cinemas, hilang segala semangat untuk mengingatkan apa yang terjadi in the previous movies and can't even remember what I read in the novel.. One more thing, I am not the kind that will be more than happy to give my opinions about movies right after watching them. I'd give simple comments like: Okay, Not bad, Best but not deeper than that. Sorry la, I know I am the "boring" type here..

Before the start of the movie, the other 4 had a VERY quick simple dinner of Burger/Pitta @ Nandos and we had to rushed oleh kerana sebab2 yang boleh di elak, TETAPI tidak dapat dielakkan. Then lepas movie, us 4 (Andy wished to be dropped back home) had a "heart to heart" (tia karang..) @ Costa services near Bowburn. Had Tuna Melt & Hot Choc with whipped cream & choc stick (all time fav.. ) and the session reminds Lutfi of the sweet memory he had with Zeah (excluded me n Mahadi yg ada diketika itu haha..) and even hesitate to sit at the exact same spot we once sat.. Whoppss kenapa perlu mengeji orang di dalam blog post ini? Hmmm..

Okay lah.. Yeah, that was exactly, actually just a few hours before my late grandma passed away back home Brunei time.. It's always true, when you had so much fun, when you are too happy one moment and the next, there you are, burried with tears, feeling so down, depressed, sad.. Hidup umpama roda, di suatu masa kita akan berada di atas, di masa yang lain kita akan berada di bawah pula. Setiap kegembiraan pasti akan diiringi dengan kesedihan.. Hidup tidak akan sentiasa gembira, dan tidak juga akan sentiasa duka. Setiap perkara yang terjadi itu ada sebab2 dan hikmah disebaliknya.. InsyaALLAH.

Nukilan Nursyeffarni in Bowburn house #3


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  2. ohh btw... believe it or not... i create this blog just so i can comment here.... hahahaha.... rasa jua sudah tue

  3. Wahhhhhh zeah: I am so glad and yeah you might as well jadikan the blog you created as a new home to your blogs ;oD mengasut tu eh aku ah... hehhee XD

  4. hehehe... still thinking lengz... macam complicated bah sini ahh... hahahaha....