Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dedicated For Hazeah & Nurulbadariah


Another special blog post for two special person in my life:




Whom I met different years of my university life in Brunei..

Hazeah, nama panggilan, Zeah, met in 2005 during MIB module n voted to be in the same presentation group. That was the start of the great, amazing, bombastic friendship bond, from friends to bestfriend to bestest friend.Nurulbadariah, nama panggilan Nurul, nama manja (current), Adriah.. (jangan marah~). One of the first friends I met during my undergrad 1st year in Brunei. Been in the same tutorial groups, my presentation partner-in-crime throughout the 4 yrs in UBD. We took the exact same modules and have become bestest friends eversince.

It was in 2006 when we started celebrating a special day to remind us of the special friendship we share and we chose a special date: 7th July every year since 2006 as our day but sadly, didn't have the chance to celebrate it this year (2009) *sigh*

Let me share with you our previous celebrations..

i. 7th July 2006 (1st F-Day)
Theme - Identical Baju Kurung design with different colours
Place - Seasons Restaurant, Gdg, Brunei

ii. 7th July 2007 (2nd F-Day)
Theme - Black & White Identical Skirt + White Top
Place - Muara Beach + Amsaara Restaurant Qlap

iii. 7th July 2008

Theme - Identical Black&Green striped Top (Day1)

and Identical Black Long Dress (Day2)

Place - Loughborough, UK

iv. 7th July 2009 (Missed our 4th F-Day)
-Missing in Action in Durham, uk-
To Zeah & Nurul, thanks for accepting me for who i am and have been. Thank you for being my friend. Hope our friendship will last forever & ever. Miss you both so much and wish you were here. There are not enough words to describe how much I am blessed & greatful that I found you both i my life. Take care always. Miss ing you both so much!
Lots of Love,
Arni in Bowburn, Durham
7th July 2009 (5.52pm uk time)

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