Friday, July 10, 2009

Less than a week...


i. Internet Breakdown & "Shades of Green" Mini Gathering

Alhamdulillah, setelah genap 4 hari hidup umpama backpackers, the wireless broadband internet di rumah #60 kembali berfungsi. Syukur alhamdulillah. We started realizing the malfunction of the broadband di pagi Isnin, 6/7/09 when we all received the same message pada muka pertama website, informing that there might be a connection problem.

Since that very day was the planned mini "shades of green" gathering at 3 burn street and the sun was showing itself happily that morning plus remembering that we haven't got the fire starter yet for the bbq set, Kam and myself happily walked and experience two different paths, one to get to the Co-op shop and another one for going back to Steavenson St. It was a happy day but bits of happiness were torn away when it started to rain that afternoon and the bbq was cancelled and the chicken all went to the oven for cooking.
However, the event went on as planned. Us the residents of #60 went earlier so that we could get connected with the internet a.s.a.p at around 4pm while the gathering actually starts at 6pm. Volunteered myself to prepare the table, helping with the decos and preparing the food. Alhamdulillah by the time the first guest: K.Zila arrived, everything's ready and then I happily took the opportunity to browse the internet, check emails, check blogs, check my farm (addicted to farm town facebook.. LOL), etc.. and when the 2nd guest: Yusran & wife arrived, we all had a photo session & it's time to eat. It was finger licking good! Seriously.. the combination of Nasi Minyak Amalina & Roast chicken by Dijah + Amalina.. it's hard to resist a second (ermm third, fourth even ;oP) round.. Also, really love the Karipap & Onde2 (ala2 putri mandi Brunei version) brought and made by Aisyah (Yusran's wife).
K.Nur, Lutfi & Rosmin arrived later than the rest and we all continued pampering ourselves with food and making full use of the internet at the same time. Regretably we forgot to take pictures when K.Nur was around becoz she went home early (tak salahkan her, she attended a summer course that morning and just came back by 5pm and went to Amalina's few hours after.. must be a tiring day for her) but we had fun taking various styles of photo sessions using 5 different cameras (correct me if I'm wrong) and finally before midnyte after cleaning up session went back home and continued playing Star Game (hmmm Double Win for me!! yipeeee)
Zeah & Nurul call me up that midnyte (it was 6++am 7th July in Brunei and they were in school) to wish "Happy Friendship Day". I really can't hide my sadness and disappoinment not being there with them to celebrate and tears naturally went down *sigh*. There was actually hesitation to play the game that night but thinking of the preparations for the game, I hold myself back together and finally, it was the best star game ever!! (so far hehehe)
Below are pictures before the event started (Us 4 testing out the "green effect" hehe) and picture with Lutfi & Rosmin (the best one yg ada in my camera.. whoppsss ertinya yg lain2 tu.. hmmm LOL):
ii. Kak Nur's Departure 080709 to M'sia
A day after the mini gathering, it's time to say goodbye, farewell & bon voyage to our dearest housemate cum sister, kak Nur. We apologize for not being able to send you off to Newcastle airport for your departure. I really2 want to but I guess some things can only planned tapi tidak dpt dilaksanakan.. Here's a picture of me and k.nur in our living room before K.Zarina fetch her.
Dearest kak Nur, sekiranya we are not going to meet again in Durham, Uk after this, I am with full honesty and frankly saying that I've never regret to have met you in Durham. You are one of a kind, you have become more to a sister than a friend after few months knowing you. Thanks for spending your time and lending your ears and eyes, sharing you room to hear my problems, to witness my tears. Sorry for not being there when you need me the most at times. I apologize and I'm so sorry that I've been struggling to understand you during your last few days in Durham. Wish that we have more time to understand each other again. However, thank you so much for sharing your friendship, thank you, thank you. Till we meet again my dearest Kak Nur. Just remember that you will never be forgotten. Missing you so much already! Enjoy yourself in Malaysia alongside getting your data gathering done. All the best. Take care!
iii. The Thank you(s) & Appreciation + Apologies
Just a short paragraph to thank Amalina for sharing her internet connection throughout the connection breakdown at ours. Thank you for letting us sleepover in your house last Wednesday the 8th. Plus sorry for breaking your "gayung".. insyaALLAH when I get to go shopping, will buy a new one for you. I feel so guilty for breaking it.
Also sending apologies to all those in my life. Who knows that the time will come soon enough way before we expect them to. Sorry if I've been so difficult to understand. I'm sorry for the "speed of light" change of moods, for being unfriendly at times, being so reserved most of the time, for any rudenss/cruelty that I might have done to you. I'm so sorry... SORRY my friends (=
iv. Kau Pergi Kerana Suka - Alif Satar OIAM
A song that I like.. tiada kena mengena dengan kehidupan pun.. =P
Kau kata akulah segalanya
Yang menyinar mekar di hatimu
Kau berjanji akulah satu-satunya
Yang abadi hingga ke ahkhirnya
Kau genggam erat tanganku
Kau sambut cinta suciku
Kau hias indah hidupku
Kau beri ku bahagia
Kau pergi dari ku
Sendiri tanpamu
Mana janji-janjimu untuk setia dengan ku
Hatiku terluka dibuai rindu padamu
Manakah setia yang kau ucap dulu
Maafkanku jika salahku
Hulur tanganmu sambut cintaku
Aku tak sanggup sendiri
Kembali kasih dalam hidupku
Cintaku tulus sejati
Kau pergi dariku
Sendiri tanpamu
Mana janji-janjimu untuk berdua denganku
Hatiku terluka dibuai rindu padamu
Manakah cinta yang kau ucap dulu
Cintamu bukan untukku
Alamak, terjiwang pulak.. hmmm
P/s: Doakan aku dapat meneruskan kehidupan ku ini, doakan aku masih menpunyai kekuatan untuk meneruskan kehidupan ini. Doakan segalanya akan berjalan seperti yang ku harapkan, insyaALLAH.
- If I'm no longer here with you, just remember that all of you have been and will always be the rainbow of my life - Nursyeffarni HS 10th July 2009 -
pp/s: I'm so confused with this blogger alignment thingy, sudah jua di edit but it still jadi cramped and ilang paragraph. I'll beginning to fell the tension editing for now. So, biar tia macam ani lah for now. As long as masih boleh di baca kan =)


  1. Cis cis, menang 2 kali. Ah, no wonder the hesitation after Zeah and Nurul called.

    Aiyo, I totally forget that Kak Nur had already gone home. Right after I read ur post, baru tersedar yang Kak Nur did called me in the morning saying goodbye, but yeah.. I was sleeping so I forgot up until now.Hehe

  2. Haha, after all, it was the right decision to play the game that nyte =P jangan jealous.. Zeah would be proud of me for beating you kekeke LOL

    Yah, K.Nur went back and after this everyone's going home, well, might as well go home.. kan? Just wait, you might even get another surprise one after another.. haha XD

  3. arni,

    sorry i was so tired after the summer school...yeah, wish i have more time to spend with you, dont worry, you never hurt me! please dont feel bad about me, in fact, i should be the one who worries about my actions and words! i'm sorry too, for everything...and yeah, dont worry about sending me to the airport, i never expect anyone to send me off....:D

    wish you a lifetime happiness ya...